Butterfly fairy’s little adventure

It was a hot and fine day. A little girl entered into a gloomy forest for her first little adventure. She walked into the woods and tried to find something beautiful and interesting.

She ran from the path into the wood to look for flowers. However, there wasn’t any flower but the green grasses and big tall trees. She finally picked a withered leaf, well, because it was the only yellow while everything was green.

Suddenly, she saw something’s moving, oh, what was it? While she raised her head, she saw a big web. “Wow, where is the spider?” She whispered.



Sometimes, when she was getting tired, she sat down under the tree and felt the fresh air.


While she kept exploring into the unknowns, there was something in front of her.  She bended her back and tried to take a look closely. “Oh my god, it’s a caterpillar ~~~~” She screamed and jumped up …

However, caterpillar wasn’t too scary, somehow she thought it was cute. Haha… So she happily danced under the sunset.


Hmm… I’m getting tired… She thought. The caterpillar was somehow still hunting on her mind.

When the sun was giving her last drop of golden ray, Dad asked, “What did you get?”  “I met a caterpillar” She replied. “Mom, I was the caterpillar.” Why you were a caterpillar?” Asked Mom. “Because I will be a butterfly fairy…” The little butterfly fairy delightfully answered with a golden smile.


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