IR full spectrum portrait

Besides using IR filters such as R720 or R655, full spectrum IR portrait is very ideal for dreamy photos. The photos are all very natural fairy tales. 🙂 The good thing about full color IR is that not much post photoshop editing needed. 🙂 Except commercial jobs, I seldom take photos with models. I like making an ordinary girl look beautiful, capturing the best of her. Well, that’s always my mission. Michelle is a friend of mine having angel-like face and Monica is a mom of 3 kids who is so energetic, pretty and sexy. 🙂

10 years waiting

He said he has been waiting for her at this boring dark stairway for 10 years. Every time she said she can leave office within 15 minutes, however, it’s always hours and hours waiting until she finished her work. 10 years have passed, and now she comes to him! Dears, wish you two all the best and happy marriage! 🙂

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